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Young 2/Lt. Rayburn and KB50 Tanker, 1963
KB50 Tanker over Wake Island refueling fighters enroute to Viet Nam, 1963
KB50 Tanker Crew, Southeast Asia, 1963-65
1/Lt. Rayburn in a pedicab, Saigon, 1964
Saigon Street Scene, 1964
Children Selling Sugar Cane:
By the Saigon River, 1965
Cholon, Saigon, Viet Nam 1967
Capt Rayburn at Snake School (Jungle Survival Training) in the Philippines, 1971
The only way out of snake school: rescue helicoptor pickup. This practice proved invaluable only a few months later!
AC-130E "Spectre" Gunship Crew, Ubon AB, Thailand, 1971-72. This entire crew, with one or two substitutions, was shot down by North Vietnamese Anti-aircraft fire over Laos on March 30, 1972 and rescued by helicopter on March 31, 1972.
Capt Rayburn, 16 Special Operations Squadron, Ubon AB, Thailand 1971-72.
A very happy Capt Rayburn at Ubon AB, Thailand on March 31, 1972 after helicopter rescue from enemy territory in the Laotian jungle. The entire crew was recovered. Most had only minor injuries, although some were more serious.
Hill tribe villagers, northwest Thailand, 1971-72
Parasols, Chaingmai, Thailand 1971
Temple, Chaingmai, Thailand
Temple of Dawn, Bangkok
Bangkok's Floating Market
The Golden Buddha, Bangkok
White Karen Village, NW Thailand
Reclining Buddha, Bangkok
These little piggies go
to market: Thailand
Boat family goes home from market

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